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Border Collie Training

Whether you just brought home your first Border Collie puppy or finally decided to train your older dog new tricks, you’ve come to the right place to get the 101 of Border Collie training.

What Age Should I Train My Border Collie?

The answer to this question greatly depends on the type of training you are talking about. If you are talking about training the Border Collie some basic house rules or want to fix an existing obedience problem then the earlier you start the better.

However if you are trying to train your puppy some new basic tricks then you generally would want to wait at least until your puppy is 3 months old.

If you want to teach something a little more difficult, then you should wait until your dog is ready to understand your commands, which is about 5 to 6 months of age.

What is Obedience Training?

Obedience training is training your Border Collie to follow your house rules and teaching him how he or she should behave at home and in social situations. Things like housetraining and socializing would fit into this category.

Fixing problematic disobedience problems and preventing behavior problems early on is the sole purpose of obedience training.

You do this by first establishing your role as the “Alpha dog”, the leader of the group, and then either teaching new rules or correcting bad behavior.

What is Trick Training?

After you took on the role as the alpha dog and your Border Collie has learned your house rules, you might want to take training one step further and a great way to do this is through trick training.

It is a great way to build your dog’s confidence, give your dog mental exercise to prevent boredom and a nice way to show off your well-behaved dog to friends and family.

If are interested in training your Border Collie new tricks then I suggest you start off with small and easy to learn tricks like “sit” and “come” at the start. Successfully teaching these tricks will motivate both you and your dog to take on a little more challenging tricks like “play dead” and “roll-over”

3 Key Tips to successfully train a Border Collie

These three tips are crucial for both obedience training and trick training. They will speed up the time it takes to train your Border Collie so follow them closely.

Remember, you must use all three for fast and easy training results.

  • Get Your Collies Full Attention - You must have your dog’s full attention if you want him to learn anything. Just how you can’t expect a classroom full of children who aren’t listening to their teacher to learn anything, you can’t expect your Border Collie to learn what you are trying to teach him without getting his attention first. Pick a time and place with the least distractions before you start training your dog and eliminate as many distractions as you possibly can.
  • Always Be Consistent - You want to make things as clear as you can for your Border Collie during training so always be consistent. Don’t change up the names of commands from “sit down” to “sit”, instead just pick one and stick to it. If you are trying to teach your dog to stay off furniture, be consistent with it. You can’t have certain days when the dog can’t get on your couch and other days when he can. This will only slow training and confuse your dog.
  • Use Positive Reinforcement - Border Collies learn best through encouragement, not punishment. You want to always reward good behavior, either with the use of treats or just some praise. It’s the best way to show your Border Collie that he is doing something right and also to motivate him to do that same “right” thing again.

Use these three tools to your advantage and you will start noticing a difference in your collies’ behavior and learning ability. Forget about them, and you are bound to have a tough time with Border Collie training.

If you want to learn how to cure even some of the worst Border Collie behavior problems and the exact things you need for a happy, healthy and obedient dog, check out the Border Collie Owners Guide.

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