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Top 3 Border Collie Training Tips

When most people think of a “Border Collie” they think of Lassie. The reason why Lassie was so popular was because she was a very obedient border collie. The question every border collie owner asks themselves is “how can I get my border collie to listen to me?”. To answer this age-old question we have listed the top 3 techniques that are sure to get your border collie to listen to your every command.

1. Mental Stimulus

Border Collies are a very intelligent breed, and as such they need consistent mental stimulus. And I don’t just mean that you give them a chew toy and walk away. I mean, you need to take them for walks, teach them tricks, and hang out with them. If you leave a border collie alone by itself it will find ways to stimulate their minds on their own and that’s when you come home to a destroyed house or a decimated backyard.

2. Schedule a routine

You might think this is strange, but border collies need a consistent schedule. They’ll know when the schedule is broken too, so make sure you plan a schedule for them that also fits with your schedule! Some border collie owners will walk their puppy companion in the morning, let their family or friends play them and keep an eye on them while the owner leaves for work, and then when the owner gets home, they will play their border collie some more. Often, “play time” includes tug of war, fetch, or just walking around town. Be sure to include consistent time to train them the basic commands like sit, stay, quiet, and lay down. Keep the routine consistent and you’ll see a good change in your BC.

3. Patience. Lots of Patience.

The best thing you can do for your border collie is not get angry or frustrated. Border collies, just like all other dogs, are much like babies. They need constant care and attention. Every dog is going to need to be disciplined appropriately, but don’t be quick to discipline when simple attention will suffice. If you show them love they will love you back.

Border collies want to learn. They love the mental stimulation. If you are wanting to train up your border collie, start with these three steps. They are sure to help your border collie grow and mature into a happy, obedient companion.

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