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The Top 5 Tips For an Absolute Obedient Border Collie

It is no secret that border collies are one of the most intelligent canines ever bred. They are quick learners and highly perceptive. They are so smart in fact, that they know exactly what things they can get away with and what things will get them in trouble. Which is why it absolutely important that you stay consistent in teaching your border collie to listen to you. These are the 5 most crucial tips on how to raise an obedient border collie.

1. Enforcement

Never give your border collie a command that you don’t intend to reinforce. In other words, don’t tell your border collie to stop eating out of the trash can, if you don’t plan on going over there to get him to stop.

2. Positive Over Negative

When possible, try to use positive reinforcement over negative reinforcement. Positive reinforcement will ensure that your border collie will obey out of affection instead of fear. This will reduce the stress levels in your border collie and lead to a happier companion.

3. Less is More

When giving a command, use the least amount of words possible. For example, instead of saying “Go to the backyard” it would be better to simply say “back”. Or instead of saying “sit-down” just say “sit” instead. Otherwise, you will confuse your border collie and it won’t know what to do.

4. Quiet Authority

Avoid using a loud voice when giving commands. You want your voice to carry authority without it being loud and aggressive. Your border collie will respond better to your commands without you increasing the decibels of your voice.

5. Get Them Young

The best tip I can give would be for you to train them young as puppies. Border collie’s are very intelligent animals and they can be taught new tricks as an adult. But, if you wait too long than you have to work against their bad habits and their wills. If you train them when they are young you won’t have to worry about conquering any bad habits and they will learn your commands faster than if they were an adult.

These tips are proven to work time and again with not just border collies, but with almost every kind of dog. Remember to keep these in mind the next time you are working with your border collie and they will quickly learn to be an obedient puppy companion!

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