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Border Collie Jumping on Furniture

Border Collie Jumping on Furniture

Not every owner is comfortable with their dogs jumping on their furniture and leaving hair all over their couch and bed. Others don’t mind sharing their bed with their dogs. It all depends on the owner.

If however you want to stop your Border Collie from jumping on furniture then this article is for you. It’s actually really easy if you stick to it.

Why the Border Collie Jumps on your Furniture

The answer is pretty obvious. Sleeping on the couch is more comfortable than sleeping on the floor. The soft mattress makes it a no brainer to jump on your cozy and comfortable bed while you’re gone.

Another reason is as to why your dog might jump on furniture is because they were allowed to do so since they were little pups. So now they think nothing of it and think it’s really a no big deal.

If your Border Collie gets on your bed while you’re at work then it could be because he is lonely and the bed reminds him of you. This is especially true if the dog sleeps on your side of the bed.

How to stop the jumping on furniture

The first thing you must do is make sure the dog never gets on the furniture in your presence. If you’re going to decide that he is not allowed to get on the bed, you must stick to that choice. So even if you want someone soft to cuddle with you can’t let your dog get on the bed with you. There should be no exceptions to the rules.

You should also make sure that your Border Collies bed is as comfy as it can be. Pick a location where no one will bother him if he wants to get away and sleep comfortably. This will make it more likely that the dog will to stay in his own spot instead of climbing on top of your furniture.

If your Border Collie gets on your furniture because he misses you, put one of your blankets or towels in his spot. This way he will be reminded of you when you’re gone. Careful though, if it looks too yummy it could get chewed up.

The earlier you start with this, the quicker your Border Collie will learn that getting on your furniture is against the house rules.

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