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Border Collie Jumping on People

Border Collie Jumping on People

Owning a dog that keeps jumping on your guests or other people can get annoying and even sometimes embarrassing. A well trained Border Collie should know that jumping on people is not the proper way to behave, unless told otherwise.

Why Your Dog Jumps Up on You

If your Border Collie jumps up on you when you come from work or a long day out, it’s probably because the dog is really excited to see you come home. Even if you didn’t leave for too long, he will still be sitting at the door with a wagging tail waiting for you to open the door as soon as he senses you’re close.

This kind of love/excitement is precisely why so many people prefer dogs over other pets. Only a dog will greet you at the door as if he hasn’t seen you for the past 10 years even though you’ve been gone only 30 minutes.

Why Your Dog Jumps Up on Your Guests

So your Border Collie jumps on you because he missed you, alright. That makes sense. But what about a Border Collie that jumps on strangers or random people he probably never met before?

When your Border Collie jumps on your house guests and friends it’s out of excitement. They just want to get closer to the person to smell their scent and show them that he is happy to see them. If the dog hasn’t learned that “greeting” people that way isn’t very nice, then he will continue to do so thinking it’s ok.

Tips to Stop the Jumping

If your Border Collie is jumping on people despite any training methods you’ve tried then try these tips to help you solve the problem:

  1. Whenever you come home from work, ignore your Border Collie until the dog is calm - When your dog is jumping up and down, it’s trying to get your attention. So when you start yelling “stop” your dog is getting the attention from you. If you ignore the Border Collie then it will learn that jumping on you doesn’t get him anything.
  2. Tell your guests to ignore the Border Collie when they come over – The quicker your dog learns that jumping doesn’t get attention the quicker you will solve your problem. Make sure everyone at home and any guests or friends of yours also follow the previous tip. Remember that consistency is the key to successfully training a Border Collie.
  3. Reward your Border Collie for sitting down calmly – If your he  starts jumping, get him to sit and stay. When the dog calms down, give him some praise or even a treat to show that staying calm is more rewarding than jumping for attention.
  4. Don’t make a big deal about leaving or coming home – I know some owners love to give their dogs long emotional goodbyes and hellos, but they only make your dog more anxious. Every time the owner does it, the dog assumes it’s a big deal that is worth getting excited over.

If you want to learn how to cure even some of the worst Border Collie behavior problems and the exact things you need for a happy, healthy and obedient dog, check out the Border Collie Owners Guide.

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3 Responses to “Border Collie Jumping on People”

  1. Kylie Saurine says:

    Any advice would be appreciated here.
    We have a beautiful 9 month old border collie. He is lucky that my husband and I work from home. He is very well behaved 80% of the time and he goes on walks every day, weather permitting with my husband or both of us. He is okay when we are out also. However, he seems extremely sensitive. If my husband and I were to have a small argument (what married couple has not?? :) , he lays down and rolls on his back. He comes up to me on my side, sits down and his beautiful face looks up at me and I presume he wants a rub behind the ears. He is very sweet and we love him dearly, but I have never known a dog to require so much emotional support??

  2. Cherie says:

    Border Collies are by nature very sensitive of their surroundings. I’ve read about this and witnessed it first hand. Both my friends BC and my own are very sensitive and any type of out of the norm stuff going on really throws them. Loud noises, especially arguing really upsets them and if someone is crying you can bet the BC is over there trying to comfort them. It’s their nature and can’t be helped. They are so darn intelligent and I think it goes over and beyond smarts with them…they seem to almost understand what you say and be really sensitive to your emotions and moods. So there isn’t anything wrong with you BC it’s just part of his make up.

  3. Jen says:

    I have witnessed the antithisis of a BC’s sensitivity and intelligence. My mother recently suffered a mild stroke, and Jasper seemed to know before the rest of us! While resting waiting for my father to prepare for the drive to the hospital (at this point we only knew SOMETHING was wrong, not that it was a stroke), Jasper laid his head next to hers and just watched her after he initially woke her during the stroke. He fretted the entire time she was away at the hospital, and now spends every moment at her “bad side”, licking her numb hand and feet whenever he can. Checks on her regularly when she’s sleeping or resting. I believe he saved her from suffering much more damage by waking her that night.

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