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Stop Border Collie Digging

Stop Border Collie Digging

Barking, chewing, growling and digging define a dog, almost as much as chasing and chewing bones does. However for us owners, those actions are not always ideal and can be quite damaging. Of course we can’t tell our Collies to stop being dogs. So instead of forcing them to quit, we should encourage them to do them in less destructive ways.

Digging is not that big of a problem. Dogs love to dig because it’s a fun thing for them to do. The problem of course is that our garden will be left in holes and we will have a Border Collie covered in dirt that we will have to clean. Although it might be fun for them, that type of scenario doesn’t sound like much fun to us!

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Top reasons for your Border Collie to dig

  • It’s a fun activity
  • Good way to cool off on a hot day
  • Following a new and strange scent
  • The thrill of watching you chase them as they dig up your garden

So how do you stop Border Collie from digging in your garden/yard? Well you will either have to distract them with other activities to do or find a different place for them to dig in (a place in which you won’t care about holes being dug up). Sounds easier said than done, right? Well not really!

First try to figure out why your Border Collie is digging. Does he dig only when you’re gone? Then it’s probably out of boredom. Bring him some toys to play with outside. If they show no interest in the toys, you can give them some tasty chewable treats. Those will get their attention for sure.

Does your Border Collie dig only on the hot summer days? Then your dog is probably hot and just looking for ways to cool off. Get the old sprinkler out and have them play with that. Careful though, a wet Border Collie that loves to dig is much, much harder to clean up than a dry one.

Does your Border Collie look like he just found a hot new scent trail to follow? Well the chances of your dog digging up gold is slim to none. They probably picked a scent of a small rodent instead. Try to distract the dog from digging by focusing their attention on other things, but until the scent is completely gone you Collie will probably continue to dig in that spot.

Did your Border Collie used to dig holes in your yard? Share your experiences, opinions or questions in the comment section below! Maybe your stories could help someone else in a similar position.

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2 Responses to “Stop Border Collie Digging”

  1. Peter says:

    we Taught our dog that he shouldnt dig at all and he doesnt we just take him for a walk three times a day which is great

  2. Graeme says:

    Luckily for us we have a beach close by…so we actually taught our dog the command “dig” and whenever we go to the beach we use it liberally and let her tunnel to her heart’s content. Then, now and again, we take her to a spot in the garden which we don’t care about and say “dig” and let her go for it, then cover it over when she loses interest. All of the above just makes the digging more predictable and attaches the activity to you as a fun thing to do together. We never come home to a shredded garden now and our dog never digs unless told to.

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