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Stop Border Collie Destructive Chewing

Stop Border Collie Destructive Chewing

A Border Collie that has developed a destructive chewing habit will be an expensive dog to keep. You can say goodbye to your nice furniture shoes and clothes unless you do something to solve this particular behavior issue.

Your phone, remote control or iPod is the perfect size for your dog to use as a chew toy. So until you solve the destructive problems, keep expensive electronics out of reach, both for your own good and your Collies safety.

Stop Destructive Chewing

Similar to many other dog behavior problems, there are several different causes for destructive chewing with Border Collies. So first you have to figure out why your Collie likes to chew on things he isn’t supposed to. Once you do that, you can start solving the actual problem and not the symptom.

Puppy that Chews because he doesn’t know any better

You can’t expect your puppy to know whether he is allowed to chew something or not without training them first. Puppies are not born knowing the difference between your expensive furniture and their chew toys.

If your Collie is chewing on something he isn’t supposed to chew on and you catch him in the act, use that moment as an opportunity to show him that what he’s doing is wrong. Do this by grabbing his attention, saying no and then switching his attention on something he is allowed to chew on.

So if you walk in and your dog is chewing your shoes, first get his attention by calling out his name with a loud and firm voice. Then when he looks at you surprised, tell him “no” and quickly take the shoe away and replace it with one of his chew toys. When he gets his teeth into the chew toy, praise him for it with a pat on the head and say “good boy”.

Border Collie that Chews out of Boredom

If your Collie only chews when you leave him home alone, hes probably doing so out of boredom. The dog probably feels lonely when you’re gone and to keep his mind busy, he starts chewing on your favorite chair, shoes, clothes etc.

You can tell if the dog knows he has done something wrong or not by their guilt. If you walk inside and see the chewed up chair with your Collie under the table and tail between his legs, the dog knows he did wrong and feels really guilty about it. If however the dog greets you as if nothing happened then he probably didn’t know chewing on the chair is bad.

If your dog shows guilt and chews anyway when you’re gone, then you need to find other things for him to do while you’re gone. Try giving him other chew toys, some chewable or treats that will take him a while to get through. Your furniture will remain safe as long as his teeth and mind are concentrated on something else.

Border Collie That Chews out of Stress

Chewing for Border Collies is one of the best ways to relieve some stress. If their anxious about something or worried, chewing will help them eases their mind. Stress and anxiety can be caused from being left alone for too long, not enough activity throughout the day or even strange noises and sounds that might be going on outside.

If the destructive chewing is caused from stress, you will need to target whatever is causing your dogs stress to cure the problem. Does your Border Collie get enough activity throughout the day? Does he suffer from anxiety problems when left alone?

Taking your dog out for a run is a good way to tire him out. Exercise is also a good way to relieve stress too. Take your Collie around the block to exercise his mind and body.

If you want to learn how to cure even some of the worst Border Collie behavior problems and the exact things you need for a happy, healthy and obedient dog, check out the Border Collie Owners Guide.

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  1. Yvonne says:

    Can anyone tell me why my border collie of nine months old, has chewed two harnesses while waring them. I had the last one fitted by a pet shop and before we arrived home he had chewed it while in the car. I hadn’t realised what had happened until after I had taken him for his walk, and came to remove it after arriving home.

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