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Cure Border Collie Separation Anxiety

Cure Border Collie Separation Anxiety

If your Border Collie starts to jump around the house, knock things over, chew on everything in sight and barks nonstop whenever you leave him home alone, then your dog is suffering from separation anxiety. Separation anxiety is when a dog gets nervous, scared and/or agitated whenever they are left by themselves.

Border Collies that suffer from separation anxiety can’t be blamed for any damage they do while left alone because they are under stress and fear. The only way to relieve some of that stress and fear is to chew on something nearby to keep their minds busy.

So why do some dogs suffer from separation anxiety while others do not? Well the answer to that question is really hard to answer. The cause of separation anxiety could be something as simple as boredom, to something as complicated as trauma in their younger stages of life.

However the good news is that you don’t have to figure out the real cause but just have to show your dog that when you leave, the world isn’t going to explode. You do this by taking one small step at a time, letting your Border Collie feel comfortable before you take the next step. You don’t want to leave your dog alone for a long time in hopes that he will just get over his separation anxiety.

Leave the house only for a few minutes at a time and make sure your Border Collie sees you leaving. Every time you come back home, your dog will feel better about you going. Start building on the time that you stay outside as your dog gets more comfortable with you leaving the house.

Separation Anxiety Tips

Here are some help tips that should help you deal with a Border Collie that is suffering from separation anxiety.

  • When you leave/enter a house, treat it like no big deal - Many owners love to watch their dog jump in excitement after they come home from work. What they don’t realize is that they make their disappearance seem like a big deal. They hype the dog up to miss them and with dogs suffering from separation anxiety, it only makes their condition worse.
  • Leave your dog home busy with things to play with – Leave your dog with a chew toy or some other toys he might like to play with. If he stays busy and focused on his toys, he won’t miss you as much or even noticed that you are gone.
  • Exercise your dog before you leave him home alone – An exhausted dog will be less likely to jump around the house while you are gone. If you get your Collie really tired then he probably won’t even care if you’re leaving. He will just want to rest.
  • Do a short training session before you go – Same thing as the exercise tip, but this is for their mind. 10-15 minutes of training can exhaust a dogs mind which will help them stay calm while you’re out.
  • Leave some radio or music playing when you’re gone - Hearing voices talking or peaceful music playing will help you Collie forget that he’s home alone and help him get over his separation anxiety.

If you want to learn how to cure even some of the worst Border Collie behavior problems and the exact things you need for a happy, healthy and obedient dog, check out the Border Collie Owners Guide.

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  1. Connor Botsford says:

    My family and i are getting a rescue BC and he wil be leaving his brothers and sisters is there anything i can do to help him with this separation. Please and thank you .

    Connor K.Botsford

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