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Border Collie Runs Out of The House

Border Collie Runs Out of The House

Have you ever opened your door just for a second just to have your Border Collie dash out of the house without a leash on? This can be a very annoying problem with a dog that hasn’t learned to leave the house only when it has permission to do so.

It’s easy to forget you have a dog that likes to run out the moment the door opens, even if it is just for a second. And getting the dog to come back home is no easy task either, unless you have a yummy treat on you.

Stop your dog from dashing out the door

Here is method that I used to train all my dogs to stay inside unless I tell them otherwise. Although you can do it on your own, it’s easier with two people. One person should hold the leash while the other says the commands and opens the door.

  • Step 1 – Put a leash on your Border Collie and tell him to sit a few feet from the door. Keep the leash tight so your dog can’t dash out the door.
  • Step 2 – Tell the Border Collie to sit and stay. Your dog will probably assume you are going for a walk and will act excited. Don’t let the dog stand up or jump up at the door.
  • Step 3 – Once you got the Border Collie to sit and stay, which might be a challenge in itself your first couple of times, start slowly opening the door. If the dog jumps up or stand up, close the door and say stay. Keep doing this until your Border Collie can stay in the same spot with the door open.
  • Step 4 – Now it’s time to say your command that you will use to tell your dog to come out. I Personally use the command “Come Out”. Once you say the command, let your dog exit the house and take him for a walk.
  • Step 5 – Practice this every time you go out for a walk. Never let your Border Collie leave the house without the command. Pretty quickly the dog’s automatic response to opening the door will be to sit and wait for you to say the command instead of dashing out the door.

Don’t practice this command without the leash unless you are completely sure that the dog won’t run out of the house without your permission. You don’t want to spend the next 10 minutes chasing your Border Collie around the house trying to lure it back in.

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