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Border Collie – Professional Dog Trainer?

Border Collie – Professional Dog Trainer?

Many owners that struggle with training their dogs have this question pass their mind every now and again: “Would it be a good idea to hire a professional dog trainer to help me solve my Border Collies obedience problems?”

Well the answer to that question depends on case by case basis. However for the most part I would recommend training your dog on your own using the tips and advice provided here. This way you will learn more about dog training and will be able to solve any future problems on your own without relying on a dog trainer again.

I’ll try to be as objective as I can and give both the benefits of hiring a trainer and going to classes as well as the disadvantages so you get a full picture before you spend your hard earned money on something you might not really need.

Benefits of Hiring a Dog Trainers

Dog trainers know what to do – If you are completely clueless about dog training and refuse to read the training section of this site then having someone who knows what to do by your side would really help you train your dog.

  • Sometimes you need a confident leader – If your Border Collie has dominance or aggression problems and you’re not completely confident in yourself then things can get pretty ugly quite fast. One advantage of hiring a dog trainer is that they know how to be confident and display the leadership qualities that the dog is looking for.
  • Receipt from a trainer or dog classes is good for your insurance – Some home insurance companies will not cover your home if you have a dog that didn’t go through training classes. So if you’re having a hard time getting your home insured, try signing up for some classes.
  • Training classes are great for socializing your dog – Although in my opinion you can accomplish this with just a couple visits to the park, training classes is a good way to get your dog to feel comfortable around people and other dogs.

Negatives of Hiring a Professional

  • Your missing out on the bonding time that training has to offer – In the wild, pack animals bond with each other through “training” the older, more knowledgeable dog teaches the rest of the pack how to act and do things. This builds loyalty and trust within the pack.
  • It costs a lot of money – Hiring a trainer will cost a lot of money and dog classes (the cheaper alternative) are usually filled with a lot of struggling owners as yourself and limited class time. That means not everyone gets their questions answered.
  • Will you be able to solve the problem if it comes back – So your dog finally stopped chewing thanks to the trainer, but what happens if your Border Collie picks up the old habits again? Will you know how to solve the problem or will you pay the trainer again to solve the same problem?

In Conclusion

In conclusion, I highly recommend that you at least try to solve the obedience problems on your own. Even if you have a hard time at first, you will get a hang of it as you go. It will allow you to bond with your Border Collie and build the trust and relationship that every owner should have with their dog.

If however you feel threatened, as in your dog is capable of biting you and shows signs of aggression, then by all means hire a professional. There is no shame in asking for someone for help. An owner that doesn’t know how to properly deal with an aggressive dog will probably only make things worse and not better.

If you want to learn how to cure even some of the worst Border Collie behavior problems and the exact things you need for a happy, healthy and obedient dog, check out the Border Collie Owners Guide.


If you want to learn how to cure even some of the worst Border Collie behavior problems and the exact things you need for a happy, healthy and obedient dog, check out the Border Collie Owners Guide.

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  1. Doyle says:

    I know and have seen the collies do sheep in Ireland, but can they just patrol borders, as a defense effort. I have an Organic farm in upstate ny and need some eyes on our border.


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