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Picking a Dog Collar and Leash

Picking a Dog Collar and Leash

Whether you are trying to replace your Border Collies old collar or want to purchase a dog collar and a matching leash for your puppy, this article is for you. I will discuss different types of collars to help you make a better choice when you’re out shopping.

Picking the Perfect Dog Collar

There are several different types of dog collars, but I will only cover the four main ones. These are the most popular ones and can be found on the shelves of virtually any pet store.

  • Leather CollarRegular Collar – This is a simple belt buckle collar that you usually see on dogs. They are the most popular ones and work exactly as they are intended to if used properly. You can find them in almost any color, pattern and material to your liking. If you’re going to go with one of these then I personally suggest you purchase a double rolled leather collar. They last longer than any other dog collars I’ve purchased.
  • Choke CollarChoke Chain Collar – Never use one of these collars unless you absolutely must. If your dog is constantly pulling on the leash and you just can’t hold on to your Border Collie then give this collar a try, but only use it to train your dog not to pull. Choke collars can cause some real damage to a dog with prolonged use.
  • Prong CollarMetal Prong Collars – This dog collar looks more like a medieval torture contraption than a dog collar. The basic idea behind this thing is that when a dog pulls on the leash, the prongs poke the dog in the neck and discourage it from pulling. As you probably already guessed, I’m personally against these things. If you need really need a leash training collar for your Border Collie then stick to the choke chain.
  • HarnessHarness – Not really a collar, but it serves essentially the same purpose. Some owners prefer a harness over a collar because it causes no pressure to the dog’s neck when it starts pulling on the leash. I would recommend this collar if you wanted something “different” or have a dog that has problems with breathing or the neck area. Otherwise a regular collar and a leash trained Border Collie will do just fine.

Picking the Perfect Leash

Now that you picked a nice dog collar for the Border Collie, it’s time to find a good strong leash. Here are some of the different types of leashes currently available for sale:

  • Nylon Leash Nylon/Leather Leash – Perfect for taking your dog out on walks. The material is strong enough to hold even a dog that loves to pull forward. If however you plan to leave a Border Collie that likes to chew unsupervised outdoors, this might not be the collar for you. If given enough time, a dog could chew through the material and break free.
  • Metal Chain LeashMetal Chain Leash – This is a very strong leash and can’t be chewed through like the nylon/leathers ones can be. If you plan to leave your Border Collie unsupervised and chained, this one is a must have. It’s also a decent leash that you can use for everyday walks with your dog.
  • Retractable LeashRetractable Dog Leash – Retractable leashes let the user add/remove length of the leash with a simple button. So if you’re out in the park and want to give your Border Collie more room to roam around in, you can extend the leash to 25 feet instead of just seven. And if you want to shorten it, it’s just as easy as extending it. The only thing I suggest with retractable dog leashes/tape leads is that you go for the higher quality ones. The cheaper ones won’t last very long on Border Collie that likes to pull forward.

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