Your Border Collie will kick even the toughest and most embarrassing bad habits in just 7 days or less…

Alice SingerFrom: Alice Singer
Date: 01/20/2018

Dear Fellow Border Collie Lover,

Don't you just hate dealing with the stress and embarrassment that comes with a Border Collie that just does not listen?

Are you tired cleaning up the constant mess the dog makes despite your hardest effort to train him or her?

Well in just 7 days from now, I can guarantee you that you won't have put up with any of that anymore.

I am not talking about spending hours training your dog or wasting hundreds of dollars on a "professional trainer".

All you need for a happier and more obedient Border Collie is 7-15 minutes a day. That's it!

My name is Alice Singer and I'm a proud parent of my two Border Collies, Bandit the black and white BC and Shell the red female BC. Today I want to show you some of the most important information that you as a Border Collie owner need to know.

I want to share with you how to avoid unknowingly teaching your Border Collie to misbehave and the exact same methods that have helped hundreds of Border Collie owners cure behavior problems the easy way!

And on top of that, I am also going to share with you the required "ingredients" to ensure your dog lives a long happy and healthy life.

Alice Singer

Alice Singer, Proud Border Collie Owner & Enthusiast

Training Border Collies is Actually EASY...
As Long As You Know How!

It's hard to believe that just a couple of years ago, I too had struggled with Bandit when I first adopted him. I hate to admit it but there was even a point where I regretted owning a dog in the first place. It really was that bad.

Bandit would never listen to anything I told him. He would misbehave even if he knew that what he was doing was wrong. It wasn't my lack of care or attention for him that caused it. I've read several dog training books and guides and followed them religiously without any positive results.

While he was a younger puppy, it was easier to keep him under control. He was a little more manageable. Unfortunately as he got older, his behavior only became worse. My whole situation felt completely hopeless.

Then after one of these "incidents" I decided enough is enough. I just couldn't keep a dog that is completely out of my control any longer. I made up my mind that if I don't fix my dogs behavior I will have to give him up for adoption.

If I couldn't make him happy, then maybe it was better if someone else would.

Bad Behavior Doesn't Improve With Time,
It Will Only Get Worse!

Deep down I still loved and cared for my Border Collie and I didn't want to give him up. So I made a plan and followed it for over 6 months! Here was my plan:

  • I read every dog training book available to me
  • I sifted through thousands of websites for information
  • I spoke to every dog trainer willing to spare a few minutes with me
  • Studied dog health and care
  • Joined Border Collie groups and clubs to get info from other owners

The results after those 6 months?


I had reversed every bad behavior in under two weeks. I can't even describe how exciting it was to see Bandit grow into an obedient and respectful dog that I always dreamed of owning.

I got me so excited that I started entering small obedience tournaments and to my surprise actually wining some of them! I even adopted my second Border Collie Shell out of the love of the breed once I had a better understanding of it.

The biggest thing I learned from this experience is that 9 out of 10 times it's not the owners or the dogs fault. The problem is actually the lack of communication and understanding of the breed - and most dog training books won't teach you that!

WARNING: You Could Be Encouraging Your Border Collie's
Bad Behavior Without Even Knowing It!

What if I told you right now that you could be encouraging your Border Collie to misbehave and ignore you without even realizing it?

It's true. About 90% of dog owners make these mistakes. The worst part is that they don't even realize it!

Take a look at this example:

Example: You let your dog off the leash to give him some time to run around and play. While off the leash, your dog spots a squirrel, a cat or another dog and dashes off completely forgetting about you!

You try telling your dog to come to you, you scream your dog's name in every note your voice can hit but the dog isn't coming back no matter what you do. Finally, after about 10 minutes of you yelling and screaming, your Border Collie happily skips back to you as if he has done nothing wrong.

How do you respond in a situation like this?

Most owners would probably scold their dog for running off like that and give it a nice stern talk during the ride home. Seems like a reasonable "punishment" for ignoring the owner. Right?

Try to look at it from the dog's perspective. When he finally comes to the owner, not only is his fun with this new friend squirrel canceled, but he is also SCOLDED for coming back to the owner.

Next time he will probably try to wait it out until the owner calms down before he runs back so he doesn't get "punished" again. So that means, even more screaming and yelling for the poor owner while the dog is dancing around completely ignoring his commands.

Examples of owners encouraging bad behavior are countless!

If you want your Border Collie to obey your commands, then you need to make sure you are not rewarding bad behavior.

There are countless examples of owners encouraging their dogs to misbehave with other behavior problems (housebreaking, destructive chewing, leash pulling, biting, jumping, begging, whining and so on) but you see my point.

Still, even though a lot of owners do this, this isn't the main reason why so many owners struggle with their dogs. The main reason is that owners are not equipped with the right tools to combat bad behavior!

Why So Many Owners Have Little
Or No Success With Their Border Collies

Have you tried any of these methods with little to no success...

General Dog Training Books - These books only contain some basic obedience tips and nothing more. If you are lucky, you can train your dog a couple simple tricks like "sit" and "down". The problem is that these aren't targeting the personality of a Border Collie dog. They do work on some breeds, but there is a much faster and smarter way to train a Border Collie dog.

Training Classes - The trainers in these classes have anywhere from 5 to 20 people in the class at a time. This means there is no "one on one" time where you can really ask questions and get the answers you need. Your Border Collie can still learn some basic commands, but you can forget about solving any serious behavior problems at a dog training class.

Professional Dog Trainers - The problem with professional dog trainers is that dog starts listening and respecting the trainer, not you. You will end up spending hundreds of dollars for training sessions and your dog will still ignore you. And let's say your dog developed a new bad habit. Will you be able to solve it on your own? Or will you reach in your pocket for another $500-$800 dollars to spend?

The Worst Training Methods - And Why Your Border Collie Suffers Because Of Them…

Now this I really hate.

The worst thing you can do to train your dog is to use punishment based training, but this seems to be the most popular method. There should be no yelling, no hitting and no smacking involved during any part of training.

The reason these methods are popular is because they can get your dog to "obey", but not for the right reasons. A dog that is scared or frightened of you will listen to you as long as you don't hit it again.

However it shouldn't be like this. Your dog should listen to you because he loves you and respects you, not because he is scared of you.

These tactics are borderline abusive and are no way to treat a Border Collie dog. There are much better and much more effective tactics to train your Border Collie -- so use them!

Traing Methods That WORK!

The training methods that I'm about to show you will have your dog obeying you because he wants to Obey. Instead of ignoring you, your Border Collie will be wagging his tail and focusing all of his attention on you.

Imagine how much easier it will be to train a dog that is eager to learn. Build your dog's confidence and trust in you with training methods that are proven to show results.

Border Collie Owners Guide: Your Guide to a Happy, Healthy and Obedient Border Collie Dog

"Border Collie Dog: Owners Guide" is a collection of proven and tested training methods that are guaranteed to work on Border Collies. It also includes everything else a dog owner must know for a happy, healthy and obedient Border Collie.

You will be able to…

Quickly Cure Any Behavior Problem Your Dog Might Have - The step by step easy to follow instructions will get you started within seconds. Not only will you be able to easily solve bad behavior, but you will also know exactly how to prevent it from happening again in the future.

Use Your Border Collies Natural Instincts To Your Advantage - You will know exactly how to
tap into the hardwired instincts of your dog and have him wanting to obey you without using any bribes or ever touching your dog. You won't believe how something so powerful can be so simple to do.

Provide the best for your Loyal Companion - Pet stores are filled with unhealthy sometimes even dangerous foods, treats and toys. This is why I was sure to include whole chapters covering exactly what you need to raise a healthy Border Collie.

Finally Have The Border Collie Of Your Dreams - You will finally have a dog that you can feel proud of. This means no more stressful or embarrassing situations. You will have a well-tempered, obedient, socially friendly and healthy dog.

You Will Also Learn...

Breed Overview
  • Finding the perfect puppy
  • Your dog's needs
  • Preparing Your Home
  • Things You Should Buy
  • Introducing him to Other Pets
  • Plus More!

Health and Care
  • Diet and Nutrition
  • Exercise Advice and Tips
  • Finding The Right Vet
  • Step By Step Grooming Tips
  • Fleas
  • Flatulence
  • Plus More!
Training Overview
  • Understanding Your BC Dog
  • Reading Body Language
  • Critical Training Elements
  • Training and Age
  • Plus More!

Trick Training
  • Sit & Stay
  • Come & Down
  • Fetch Shake
  • Play Dead & Roll Over
  • Plus More!

Behavior Problems
  • Housebreaking
  • Aggression & Dominance
  • Dog Fighting and Aggression
  • Play Biting and Nipping
  • Destructive Behavior
  • Barking and Whining
  • Disobedience
  • Leash Pulling
  • Jealousy
  • Separation Anxiety
  • Plus More!

Border Collie Owners SPEAK OUT!

I get emails from people who successfully trained their Border Collies all the time so I know this guide works.

Even people with no experience in dog training could get started within minutes! Solving bad behavior and training your dog new tricks is easy and fun when you are using training methods that work!

Take a look at some of the success stories:

"I can honestly and proudly say that
Loki is now obedient, happy and healthy"
Maria J.

Your book has been so much help and I don't know what we would have done without it. We love our Loki but he was getting out of hand. With each day he just became more aggressive and showed more signs of dominance issues.

Not only did your guide helped us cure the dominance issues but it taught us very important lessons on why Loki was acting that way and how to prevent it from happening in the future.

I highly recommend this guide to other Border Collie owners even if your dog is not misbehaving. There is so much that you can learn about care and health of this breed. I can honestly and proudly say that Loki is now obedient, happy and healthy.

Email From: Maria J.
"It's been two weeks and Miles is now house trained, doesn't bark and walks to the side of me during walks!"
Molly S.

Miles is a rescue dog and the previous owners didn’t seem to mind the obedience problems. He wasn't house trained, constantly barked whenever he felt like it, liked to dig holes in the back yard and would always pull on the leash no matter what.

Dealing with so many problems was really frustrating. Putting in so much effort and time and seeing no results was even more frustrating. No matter what I tried he would completely ignore anything I taught him the next day.

It's been two weeks since I've tried your book and Miles is now house trained, doesn't bark and walks to the side of me during walks. We still didn't get around the digging problem but we plan to work on it soon.

I will keep you updated on our future progress.

Lots of thanks,

Molly and Miles

Email From: Molly S.

Better Training, for Quicker Results

I will show you the exact steps to improving your Border Collies learning and confidence in you. The positive training methods will have your dog learning new tricks within just a couple training sessions Guaranteed!

You will Learn:

For how long and how often to train your Border Collie for best results- Border Collies are pretty intelligent and catch on what you're doing quite fast. It is absolutely necessary that you know for how long you should train your Border Collie and how often.

How to use your Border Collies behavior and thought process to your advantage - Using your Border Collies instincts to your advantage will make a tremendous impact on your training.

The 4 key elements required for successful obedience training - Combine all four in your training sessions and your dog will actually look forward to training sessions!

Why your dog hesitates before doing a command and how to fix it - if your dog hesitates for a second or two, you will know exactly how to fix it. Your dog will obey your commands the first time you say them, without any hesitation at all!

How to Correct your Border Collie When He Messes up - this will improve your training results by at least 40%, both trick training and behavior training.

++ Plus everything else you need to know to
cure bad behavior and successfully train your Border Collie

Get Rid of Even The TOUGHEST Behavioral Problems

You don't have to put up with bad behavior anymore. Imagine if you had step-by-step instructions guiding you along the way to cure ANY problem that you might be having with your Border Collie.

Well those same easy instructions are exactly what you will find in this guide.

You will be able to prevent behaviors such as...

  • Going Potty Indoors
  • Non-stop barking and whining
  • Leash pulling during walks
  • Biting, nipping and growling
  • Destructive chewing and digging
  • Jumping on strangers and guests
  • Anxiety and fear of new people or objects
  • Disobedient behavior
  • Refusing to come when called
  • Begging and whining for food
  • Aggression and Dominance Problems
  • Dog fighting
  • Separation Anxiety

++ Plus Much More!

Check out what these Border Collie owners have to say...

"Not only did we manage to fix the behavior problem
but we also managed to teach Jack 6 new tricks!
Robert L.

Our dog is a huge part of our family. We all love Jack but his attitude started to change as he grew older. It started with him hesitating before doing anything I asked him to do. Then after some time he started growling when I pushed him off the furniture.

Even during walks he started showing dominant behavior. He would always feel the need to be in front of everybody else. If someone walked in front of him, he would actually run into them to push them back so he can lead the way.

I didn't think too much of this at first, but as he became more aggressive I got really alarmed. I knew I had to do something before things got out of hand. So I got a copy of your book and put it to work.

Well I'm glad to say that all the behavior problems that we have been having with Jack are gone. The "Pack Leader" section really helped us with obedience and training. Not only did we manage to fix the behavior problem, but we also managed to teach Jack 6 new tricks!

Email From: Robert L.
"I don't know what I would have done without this guide!"
Joleen R.

Hey Alice, I just wanted to email you to say thank you. You really saved my dog from being given to the rescue shelter.

I don't own a house but rent instead and my landlord doesn't like pets too much but agreed to let my Border Collie stay as long as she doesn't damage the house in any way. She was an adorable puppy at the time so I wasn't really concerned.

At first she started chewing on my shoes when I was gone which was really annoying. I must have thrown out 20 or so pairs of shoes out because they were ruined! I tried some of the training methods suggested by my friends and had no real luck with that.

Then her chewing took another direction. She was now more focused on furniture for her chewing. She would completely ignore all of her toys and chew on a dining room chair leg. I didn't bother to replace the chairs so the marks are still there to this day and they are embarrassing.

Then she started digging holes and chewing through the carpet. That's when I knew I had to do something or I would have been forced to give her up for adoption. Through some research I discovered your guide and decided that it's exactly what I need.

I must have read every page at least twice to fully absorb all of the information and then I got to work. I followed every step exactly to the point. I knew I had to stop her chewing and that's exactly what I did with the help of your guide.

Your guide changed my dog's personality and behavior for the better. She now only chews on her toys and I can tell that she looks less stressed and is calmer. I'm so glad I get to keep her.

Thank you so much Alice. I don't know what I would have done without your guide.

Email From: Joleen R.

Provide the Best Care For Your Border Collie

If you are anything like me, then you love your Border Collie and only want the very best when it comes to raising and taking care of your dog.

That is precisely why I made sure to include everything a responsible Border Collie owner should know about caring for and raising a Border Collie dog.

You will know...

What food you should get for your Border Collie - Unfortunately a lot of pet food on the market is mostly filled with fillers and junk with no nutritional value. I will teach you the different types of dog food and which is the best choice for Border Collies.

How to prepare your home and yard for your Border Collie - Some common household and garden plants are harmful and can make your dog very sick. It's important you know what to keep away from your beloved Border Collie to keep him safe.

What toys you should get and what toys you should stay away from! - I show you exactly which toys are safe for your Border Collie and won't interfere with training.

Step-by-step instructions on how to groom your Border Collie - From what products to use when you give your Border Collie a bath to instructions on how to clip his nails and keep his teeth shiny and clean, this guide will have you covered.

++ Plus everything else you need to know
for a happy and healthy Border Collie dog

More Success Stories:

"I wish I would have found this guide earlier!"
Doreen J.

My dogs mood and behavior has dramatically changed since I've read your guide. He now follows me all the time with his wagging tail just so he can spend time with me.

We have been practicing all the tricks in your book and having a lot of fun with them too. It's amazing what you can teach your dog if you use the right approach.

Every Border Collie dog owner should have a copy of this book. I learned so much about training and care that I never knew before. I wish I would have found this guide earlier. It would have saved me a lot of frustration and stress.

Email From: Doreen J.
"Hero is now 100% housebroken and all it took was 5 days!"
Brian N.

I got this guide just for the housebreaking chapter alone, and I'm glad I did. Hero had a real hard time learning to do his business outside only and everyone at home was getting frustrated with cleaning up after him.

This guide however changed all of that. Hero is now 100% housebroken and all it took for him to "get it" was 5 days! We were really shocked at how effective the methods were that we were inspired to keep training him and teaching him new tricks.

Email From: Brian N.

Tested, Proven and 100% Guaranteed to Work
Or Your Money Back

I'm am completely confident that you will cure your Border Collie's bad behavior, or at the very least significantly reduce the problem in the next week that I offer you a 90 day 100% money back guarantee.

I want you to try this guide on me, completely risk free!

90 Day Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee

FREE: Bonus Books For a Complete Package

Nope, that is not a typo. I'm going to include these books as FREE bonuses.

While doing my research for this guide, I came across a lot of great authors, dog trainers and owners. This gave me the opportunity for some great cross promotion offers. So what does this mean for you?

In short: I promote some authors, YOU get their books absolutely free of charge as a result.

How long can I keep this offer going? Not sure, but I don't think these guys will be giving away their books for free for too long, so take advantage of this opportunity while it lasts.

Bonus #1

Healthy Dog Handbook

Bonus Gift #1 (24.95 Value) FREE For a Limited Time

A perfect guide for new dog owner. Find out how to spot signs of illness in your dog and what to watch out while raising your puppy.

Bonus #2

Keep up With Your Dog

Bonus Gift #2 (29.95 Value) FREE For a Limited Time

Everything you need to know about owning and training a dog. This book is a great guide if this is your first dog. You can learn all the basics of being a dog owner through this book.

Bonus #3

Delicious Dog Treat

Bonus Gift #3 (14.99 Value) FREE For a Limited Time

Over 130 different dog treat recipes all in one book! Learn to easily make your Border Collie some healthy and delicious treats. Try not to spoil him though!

Bonus #4

Unlimited Email Consultation

Bonus Gift #4 ($99.99 Value) FREE

I will include my personal email address so you can contact me whenever you want about your Border Collie for FREE! Don't understand something in the book or something you were looking for wasn't covered in the book? No problem, just email me and I will do my best to help you.
Can't get that with a regular dog book!

Within The Next 6 Days You Can Have a Much Happier, Healthier and More Obedient Border Collie…

And all it takes is 5-10 minutes of your time a day!

What would you give for such a simple cure to your dog's worst problem? What is your Border Collie's health and happiness really worth? Would you be willing to spend $40, $50, $80 or even +$100? Well this guide won't cost you nearly as much!

You get the "Border Collie Owners Guide" plus the additional bonus books all for just $27.97, which is less than the average price of a pair of shoes!

Now add the 90 day 100% money back guaranteed, and you really can't lose with this deal.

Sounds Fair?

Let's Start Training!

The sooner you start training your Border Collie, the quicker you will start seeing results.

Stop dealing with the stress and embarrassment that comes with owning a disobedient dog. Make the first step in the right direction now and be well on your way to a Border Collie that you always dreamed of owning.

Join hundreds of other Border Collie dog owners who made the right decision and changed their dog for the better. Use the same simple and effective training methods that they did to own a Border Collie you can really feel proud of.

Take The Next Step
Yes! I want my Border Collie To Be Healthy, Happy And Obedient!

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Border Collie Owners Guide

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This is a downloadable eBook that I can read on my computer anytime I want (and print out if I want to).

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Border Collie Dog Owners ManualFree Bonus Books

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P.S. You have 90 days to review this amazing material and try all of the strategies on Training, Grooming and Health. You can easily get a refund at any time during those 90 days. You take absolutely no risk. And with Border Collies, the earlier you start the better. So once again, I have to ask you: What are you waiting for?

P.S.S. Your risk free purchase is backed by our 90-Day 100% Satisfaction Money-Back Guarantee.

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