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Border Collie Name Ideas

Border Collie Name Ideas

Need some ideas to help you come up with a good name for your Border Collie? Well check out some of the naming tips and suggestions below. Not only will they give you some ideas on what you should name your dog, but also help you choose a better and less confusing name.

Naming Suggestions

Picking a short and memorable name is very important when deciding on what you should call your dog. Although it’s fun to name your puppy some extravagant and hard-to-pronounce name, it’s probably not a good idea.

Remember that you probably will have to call your dog to you out in public – so don’t be surprised when you get strange looks while you are shouting “Eleizabella Frenkenburger” ten times over and over.

Also try to keep the name only one or two syllables long. You will probably end up shortening a long name anyway, so why not do it from the start?

Name Ideas for a Male Border Collie

Here are some names that would be a perfect for a male Border Collie:

  • Ace, Archie
  • Ben, Benji, Bo, Bobo, Boots, Buddy
  • Captain, Chief, Chip, Cody, Colt
  • Dash, Duke, Dusty
  • Felix
  • Goober, Gumby, Gus
  • Hawk, Hunter
  • Jack, Jax, Joker
  • Kid, King, Kobe
  • Lance, Leo, Lucky
  • Mac, Milo, Monty
  • Ollie, Oscar
  • Paws, Pepper, Prince
  • Ranger, Riley, River, Ruff, Rusty
  • Sal, Sam, Sarge, Scooter, Spike, Stone
  • Tank, Tiger, Toby, Trip, Tug
  • Warrior, Wolf
  • Zack, Zues


Female Border Collie Names

Is your puppy an adorable girl? Here are some name suggestions for a female Border Collie:

  • Abbie, Allie, Angel, Annie
  • Beth, Blair, Blondie, Brook,
  • Callie, Candy, Casey, Cassie, Chloe, Claire, Cookie
  • Daisy, Dawn, Destiny
  • Echo, Ellie, Etsy
  • Feather, Foxy, Fofo
  • Gabby, Ginger, Glory
  • Hanna, Heidi, Holly, Hope
  • Iris, Izzy
  • Jade, Jenny, Jewel, Josie, Julie
  • Kate, Kayla, Krissy
  • Lacy, Lady, Leah, Lee, Lilly, Lucy
  • Macy, Mandi, Maggie, Marie, Misty, Missy, Molly, Muffin
  • Nana, Nikki
  • Penny, Polly
  • Rain, Raven, Rose
  • Sandy, Sasha, Shadow, Shelby, Skye, Sophie, Sunny
  • Tammy, Tasha, Terry, Twinkly
  • Whisper

Have More Suggestions?

What did you name your Border Collie or what would you name him/her if you had one? Share your ideas and suggestions in the comment section below!

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56 Responses to “Border Collie Name Ideas”

  1. megan says:

    we called are border collie bonnie!!!!!!!!

    • Libby says:

      We get are gorgeous pup next Friday and hae called her bonnie too!! :)

    • Pia says:

      I will name her Sadie from the border collie in Cynthia Voight’s story, Angus and Sadie

    • veronica says:

      I have had border collies all my life and have always used the working sheepdog names – they are wonderful dogs. So affectionate and they are very very brainy!! Need to know who is boss from start. I have had Bret – Mac – Ted – Cassie – Glen the one I have now is Jess. My son has Bracken. I also know of a Mist and Jan. All working collie names.

  2. Amanda says:

    I had a Border Collie for 11 Years, she was the Best Dog I’ve ever known. She recently passed away due to Old Age, Her name was Sadie! :)

  3. Jody says:

    Our beautiful boy passed away this year 2012 and he was magic……his name was Scout.
    Border Collie are the best!

  4. Ashley says:

    I call my border collie Piper

  5. molly baron says:

    I like it but I would prefer more names please . Here’s a few idea’s bonnie , bobo , beauty , cody ,candice , coco , damian , dudette, dude ,dashkins , ellie , eithel , eric ,echo ,florence ,flashdance, fidgit midgit, fudge , georgie , grinny , gogo, holly , happy hippy, hoho , hiphop,imogen , illy ,iris ,jackjack , jojo ,jellybeans , jahmene , kayley , kathy , kitkat,lulu , lixy , lyla , liam , illy ,molly momo, midgitgem , miffy , nya ,nile , neyo , neon ,nasher , nippy and theres more .

  6. Danny D says:

    My female border collie & best friend passed away on 16th October, she was beautiful & her name was “Mia”

  7. Craig says:

    Our beautiful boy is a black and white cookie – he’s Oreo

  8. Connor says:

    My family is getting a border collie and his name will be Ryder so excited

  9. paula gray says:

    My border collie was called NIco . He was 16 yrs old when he died. The most loving, loyal dog I’ve ever had and greatly missed.

  10. Allison H says:

    My male border collie is named Hunts

  11. Norma Kelley says:

    My male BC is 6 months old, I named in “Killian” which it means “Little Kelley” in Irish.

  12. Ayla says:

    hi, I am getting a border collie but i don’t know what to call it. There is so many to choose from.

    It is a girl
    Can you help me?

  13. Kitty S says:

    One of my friends have a border collie named Honey.
    But other good names for boys are: Peppy, Pappy, Ashley,
    Girls: Sally, Honey and Roxie
    I hope I helped :)

  14. Sarah says:

    I think Athena would be a good name. It means “wise” and Border Collies are a very intelligent dog breed.

  15. Lesley says:

    I have a 7week blue merle boy & his name is Blaze!

  16. Jeffrey says:

    I named my 9 week old female Bristol! Love her so much!

  17. Taelir says:

    I had 2 border collies (male and female) that passed away and the male’s name was “Trysten” and the female’s name was “Lassie.”

  18. Kostiantyn says:

    I also have a Border Collie (blue merle) and he is 5 months old and he calls BOBIEK. There for I have Caucasian Shepherd had and he named KOKIE. :)


  19. Colin says:

    Ours is a 13 week black and white pup. He’s called Broc, Gaelic for badger. It also means wolf in ancient Scots, apparently…

  20. bryttni says:

    I have a 6 month old brown and white male named helix. he is my first and have an orange and white female joining the family next month and she is very unique and I am not sure what to name her.

  21. Abbi says:

    im getting a border collie boy and i might call it skipper

  22. Brett shaw says:

    We just lost our border collie Cody over xmas she was 11yrs old , we are finding it hard to exist everyday without her she was human, how long should you wait until you get new one of course she will never be replaced Cody but life feels empty without a border collie, anyone had this dilemma

    • Teresa says:

      Know exactly your turmoil & your pain. We lost our beloved girl of 16 years in April 2012. We struggle & house is empty. We are conflicted but are going to look at & possibly pick a pup from our girls bloodline from the same farmer breeder. We go back & forth about it but feel like it would be a mistake if we dont, this will be his last litter. Very tough losing our family member.

    • Camille says:

      I understand your trials.. I just lost my 17 year old cockatiel this weekend.. I got her when i was 3 years old and has been a part of my life as long as i remember living. Replacing pets is always difficult, and there will never be another animal that will fill that empty space in your soul.

      Endeavour not to “replace” Cody, but add another friend to your family that will give you a new personality and new memories. The memories you share with Cody can never be replaced or forgotten…

    • Sparkle says:

      We lost our beautiful Border ,Collie “Splash” last week. She was 12+. What a noble dog. She couldn’t stay, but I didn’t want her to go. The pain was incredible. Our house is very empty. I don’t want to go through this again, but I will give it another try. Hopefully, I have many years to prepare.

    • Tracey says:

      I had a Jack Russell for nearly 10 years, unfortunately we lost him on the 12th August 2012, on the 25th August 2012 we brought our 5 month old Border Collie home from a Rescue Centre, our Collie hasn’t replaced our Jack Russell and we miss him terribly, I would do anything to bring him back. There isn’t a set time on how long you should wait before you have another dog, every one is different, it’s if and when you feel ready. I can’t live without a dog because I miss the responsibility of caring for one 24/7 and receiving their unconditional love.

    • Jan says:

      Our Poppy was also so special, we were devastated when we lost her on Christmas eve over 4 years ago. We said we would never have another as losing her broke our hearts. However our house was not the same without a dog so 5 months ago we got Sophie. She will never be a replacement for Poppy but she has filled that big empty space in our lives. Everyone is different and you will know when you are ready.

  23. Jessie says:

    I have seven border collies. (I live on a farm) But only one of the dogs is truly mine. He’s called Sam and is a brown and white border collie. My little guy is 4 years old and I absolutely love him to pieces!

  24. deb says:

    Our Border Collie of 15 years died 3 years ago. Her name was Gracie. She was magnificent. Finally 3 years later I am getting a puppy in 2 weeks. It’s a little girl and I had decided on Mercy or Merzy. Mercy sounds a little like Gracie, and Mersey is a river in England. We had decided and doggone if Kim Kardashian didn’t name a cat that. Now what? Sonny, Ava, Flynn, I don’t know help. I figure she will not have that cat 5 minutes, what say you?

  25. zoe + aimee says:

    Our lil pup is named Ryhley..not Riley. American way lol, shortened Ryh but were gettin a little girl soon and can’t think of names, we liked Robyn

  26. Geoff shaw says:

    I recently lost my child of 14 years (November 17th 1998 to December 27th 2012). She was my little canine angel! The light of our family – her name was “Zoë”. We love her, miss her so much, however, we will always treasure the memories she left us with..

  27. Mariyn says:

    We have a one year old border collie and we named her Molly. We are getting a new male puppy soon and are naming him Finn

  28. Dog lover32101 says:

    I don’t have one but if I had one I’d name a girl starlight,flash,speed,speedy and for a boy I’d name it Toby,speed/speedy,baily

  29. Megan says:

    We had a beautiful Border Collie boy, he was a gentle and loveable soul, he passed away a few days ago, his name was Brock

  30. libbi says:

    We just added a BC rescue to our household a couple of weeks ago. We got him when he was 16 weeks old. Things are going very well. I have 3 small children who love soccer and so decided on Landon (landon donovan).

  31. Donna says:

    I have 5 border collies 2 male and 3 female males are called Axel and atrayu and girls are sprocket Kelly and jessie jess for short my little princess jest is having puppies cnt wait

  32. Tracey says:

    I have an 11 month old Border Collie puppy, he is black and white and we have called him Jesta (his nick name is Jesse-Bear), we got him from a Rescue Centre when he was 5 months and his name was originally Sean.

  33. AmyKO says:

    Being a big hockey fan, I wanted to name my male border collie after the fastest, most agile player out there. Twelve years ago, I named that puppy Pavel… as in Pavel Bure, the Russian Rocket!

  34. vicki says:

    We lost our sweet, gentle, intelligent border collie last August. He was 12 years old and we named him Jasper.

  35. Smidee says:

    We are considering naming our recent rescued bc …. Phazer…because he is quicker than lightning.

  36. ciara says:

    I’ve a one year old black and white border collie ,his name is Bressie.

  37. Jennifer Rollin says:

    How about the name ‘Shepard’ since this breed are used to shepard sheep on farms?

  38. Tracey says:

    at the moment i have 3 border collie girls 1 rescue and 2 puppies we have had from 7 weeks we are getting their brother in a few weeks girls names are poppy gypsy and katie and our boy we are calling macc he was going to be clarence but have just changed our minds today my friend is getting maccs brother and he is going to be called sebastian to be the little brother of jessica

  39. Zoe says:

    I just got a Border Collie and named him Blaz sooooooooo cute

  40. Mae McLean says:

    We called our male border collie Taz like on looney tunes or another name for devil as our female golden retriever Angel.

  41. Helen says:

    I named my border collie girl Kia. If she had been a boy he would have been named Keir. Hoping the name Ace suits my next border.

  42. Sukie says:

    Our male was called Shaka. He passed away at the age of 14 years. Our most lovable, friendliest beautiful friend!

  43. BarbM says:

    Our border collie’s name was Patches….we just had her put down due to old age…peeing and pooping, had cateracts, and her left leg was dislocated about 4 years ago so that was giving her trouble getting up, and she also had a bout with perpherial something it involved the nerve between her ears and eyes and that never did go away all the way. She was 16 years and four months. She was a great companion. It has only been a week and miss her dearly. We already plan on getting another. We did take her to two 6 week obedience classes that I highly recommend. The next one we plan on doing fly ball as Patches loved ball. When she did not play ball any more and was very depressed and started wetting in her bed I knew I had to do something…it was a sad day…

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