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Stop Border Collie Leash Pulling

Stop Border Collie Leash Pulling

The quickest way to ruin a nice walk around the block is having a Border Collie that just won’t stop pulling on the leash. Who wants to be dragged around by their dog from one bush to the next? Not too many people I’m guessing.

Unfortunately there is another consequence from owning a Collie that is always pulling on the leash. Some owners get fed up with the annoying and embarrassing walks so much that they are less likely to walk their dog. Due to less walks, the dog becomes even more agitated and more excited when the owner does take him outside and the result is even more leash pulling.

Why Your Collie Pulls on the Leash

Read through some of these different reasons as to why your Border Collie might be pulling on the leash. Knowing why your dog doesn’t listen to you is the first step to understanding how you can solve the issues.

Pulling on the Leash out of Excitement

This is the most common lead pulling problem. The dog is just simply overwhelmed by all the new scents, sounds and things around him so he starts pulling the owner in every direction he can. If your puppy looks excited or overwhelmed when you go for a walk, this is the most probable cause.

To solve this leash pulling problem, the first step is to give your dog more walks. If going out becomes more frequent, it won’t feel as rare and as exciting for your dog. It won’t be a special occasion for him so he won’t feel the need to get anxious but instead it will be just part of the routine for him.

Pulling on the leash out of fear

Some dogs are scared of vehicles, other people or loud noises. If your Border Collie looks anxious and constantly turns her head towards any unfamiliar sound then fear is probably the real reason behind the constant pulling on the lead.

You have to be more sensitive with a dog that is scared. Don’t try to push your him into unfamiliar or scary situations against his will, but instead try to introduce the dog to different things at his own pace. Start by taking him to calmer places like the park and try to introduce your dog to new people and new things. The Border Collie will quickly learn that new situations don’t always have to feel scary.

Dominant Leash Pulling

A dog that feels like the “alpha dog” of the pack is more likely to take control of the walk. If your Border Collie shows signs of early dominance problems and is pulling on the leash too then you need to fix the dominant behavior first.

You need to take control and show your dog that you are the pack leader and you’re in charge. Don’t use any abusive tactics floating around in outdated books and websites though. Use methods that will solve the dominance problems without making your dog hate you.

Border Collies need obedient training and proper care so that they can grow into happy and healthy dogs. Learn how to train your dog, provide the best care for him and cure behavior problems, check out the Border Collie Owners Guide.

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