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Importance of a Healhy Border Collie Diet

Importance of a Healhy Border Collie Diet

When it comes to your Border Collies health, one of the most important factors is the dogs diet. A healthy and well balanced meal will improve the dogs health, mood, energy and can even extend their life expectancy.

The problem with majority food on the market is that it is of poor quality. A big chunk of the dog food brands fill the food with discussing leftovers that had to be bleached to get rid of bacteria and disease it’s full of. And they can get away with selling it to the public because it’s dog food and not human food, so the standards of what’s qualified as “food” are different.

That’s not where it ends either. In order to preserve the food, the dog food contains additives and preservatives. Many of the ones used for dog food are known to cause cancer and other health problems, but the manufacturers are allowed to get away with it because they add them in “too small amounts to have an effect”. If that’s true then why is cancer the number one cause of death in dogs that are over 10 years old?

So please take care of your Border Collie and make sure the food that you are feeding him is of high quality with as little additives, fillers and preservatives as possible. If you have the time, cooking his food yourself would be the ideal choice as long as the meal is well balanced and has all the nutrition that the dog needs.

Border Collie Benefits of a Healthy Diet

  • Improved mood – Your dog will feel a lot better during the day if he eats high quality food. Your dog will be more energetic, playful and happier in general with an improvement to his diet.
  • Better Coat – Excessive shedding could be a good sign of a poor diet. If you feed him the right type of food you will notice his coat will glow much more and he will look significantly healthier.
  • Less health problems – If you’re dog seems to get sick too often and the veterinary visit expenses are really adding up, it possibly could be because of the food. Your dog’s body will have much tougher time fighting against bacteria and other illnesses on a poor diet.
  • Better memory and improved learning – Believe it or not, the dogs diet plays a big role in his ability to learn new tricks and remember them. Nutritious and well balanced meal will improve his memory and make training easier on you and your dog.

If you want to learn how to cure even some of the worst Border Collie behavior problems and the exact things you need for a happy, healthy and obedient dog, check out the Border Collie Owners Guide.

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