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Training a Border Collie to Sit

Training a Border Collie to Sit

Sit is one of the most basic and the easiest commands that you could teach to a Border Collie. You can start training this trick even while they are young puppies. All it takes is a treat and couple of minutes of practice.

There are a lot of methods on teaching this trick, but from my experience the one I’m going to show you here has never failed me. The puppy learns the trick really quick and you don’t have to even touch or force the dog into the sitting position.

Teaching the Sit Command

Border Collie SittingLike I said before, all you need is couple of treats and a few minutes to practice this trick. It would also help if you found a location that’s quiet and free from distractions. You want your Border Collies attention completely focused on the treat that will be dangling in front of him.

  1. Call over your Border Collie and show him the treat. Make sure he can tell what you’re holding in your hand. If the dog doesn’t care too much about what you have, let him smell it. If it smells yummy, your dog won’t be able to resist it.
  2. Now that you have your dog’s full attention, hold the treat in front of him just above his height. Don’t hold it too high or he will jump up to get the treat from your hand. If he tries to reach for it, pull back, say “No” and don’t let him grab it.
  3. Now move your hand with the treat towards him. At this point the dog will want to keep eye contact with the treat so he will either step back or will sit down. If the Border Collie doesn’t sit, then start over again. It might take a couple of tries on the first time, so don’t worry if it doesn’t work out right away.
  4. As soon as you see your puppy trying to sit down, say the sit command. You have to say it before the dog sits for this to work. Don’t say it after the dog has already sat down.
  5. Now that your Border Collie has sat down on command, reward him with a praise and the treat. Do it right away so he associates the command and the action with the reward. Keep practicing until the dog completely learns the command and then start practicing it without the treat.

By never forcing the dogs butt down, the Border Collie will learn the trick much quicker. It’s also a lot easier to teach a command when the dog can do all the steps on his own without any physical intervention.

So let us know in the comments how long it took you to teach your Border Collie to sit on command using these methods.


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