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Bathing a Border Collie Puppy

Bathing a Border Collie Puppy

Are you nervous about giving your Border Collie his first bath? Don’t be! The whole process is actually fairly simple and doesn’t even take that long. Bathing a Border Collie puppy is actually pretty easy as long as you have everything prepared ahead of time.

The first time you give him a bath, I suggest you get an extra pair of hands to help you out. It will be a lot less stressful if you can get someone to hold the dog still while you take care of other things. As you get better at giving him a bath, you will have no problem doing the whole process on your own.

You can bathe your Border Collie either indoors or outside. If you’re going to do it outside then it’s a good idea to keep the dog on a leash. Once he gets wet he will want to run around to dry himself out and that’s a recipe for an even bigger mess. If you are bathing the dog inside then watch out for all the lose hair. You don’t want to clog your bathtub with dog hair.

Things you will need

Border Collie Jumping in BathtubPrepare everything you will need before you get your puppy ready. It will be much harder to run around and look for things when you have a wet anxious puppy on your hands that is trying to escape the tub.

  • Dog Shampoo – Never use human shampoo on a dog. The chemical in human hygiene products are too strong for dogs. Instead purchase a pet safe shampoo that keeps your Border Collie puppy smelling great.
  • Towel – This one is pretty self-explanatory. It doesn’t matter what kind of towel you use, but one that absorbs water the most is the best. Your puppy will be soaking wet after the bath.
  • Two Cotton Balls – This is to help prevent water from getting inside the puppy’s ears.
  • Leash (optional) – If you plan to wash the puppy outside then I suggest you grab a leash. It will help you keep your puppy near you. You don’t want him to run off and roll in some dirt right after you clean him.
  • Scrub – I personally use the scrub glove and it seems to do the job just fine. You can try different kind of scrubs to see which works best for you.

Steps to Bathing a Border Collie

Follow these steps on how to bathe a Border Collie puppy:

Step 1 – Gather all of the materials

Gather all of your materials and put them somewhere close by. They should be within your reach so that you don’t have to leave the puppy alone in the bath tub unsupervised. There is nothing bad he can do there alone, but you don’t want him to jump out and cover your bathroom floor with shampoo.

Step 2 – Get your puppy ready

First brush his coat to get rid of loose hair, it will also straighten the dogs hair and make it easier for you to bath him. Then get your Border Collie into the bathtub and put a cotton ball in each one of his ears. Don’t stick them in too deep, but just enough to cover the ear canal. The first few times you do this, expect the puppy to shake them off at least couple of times but he will get used to them eventually. Don’t use wet cotton balls again – instead get two clean ones to avoid an ear infection.

Border Collie BathStep 3 – Soak your dog

I use a shower head for this step. If you can’t use yours, you can do this with a pitcher, or if you’re doing this outside use a water hose. Start from the top and get your dog’s coat completely wet. Be very careful and try not to get any water into the puppy’s ears.

Step 4 – Shampoo the puppy

Now that he is all wet it’s time to start shampooing your pup. Start from the top and work your way down. When doing the head and the face, don’t use a scrub. Instead massage the shampoo into the fur using your fingers and try to avoid getting any of it into the dog’s eyes. Then continue on with the scrub to his neck, his back, the butt, chest and then the belly leaving the legs and feet for last.

Step 5 – Rinse

Get the showerhead again and start rinsing off the shampoo off the puppy. Again, start from the top and work your way down. Be very thorough when rinsing the puppy off. You don’t want any of it left on the coat.

Step 6 – Getting your Border Collie Dry

You’re almost done! All you have to do is dry off the puppy and you’re all set. The best way to do it is let the puppy shake off some of the water while he is still in the bathtub. Some dogs do it by themselves when they feel wet, others need a little encouragement. I found that if you tickle the puppies ear a little he will think it’s water and will try to shake it off. Once he’s done that, grab a towel and dry him off.

That’s it! You’re puppy is now clean and smells great.

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