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How Much to Feed a Border Collie?

How Much to Feed a Border Collie?

This is the question that every first time dog owner asks, and probably gets conflicting answers which only make things more confusing.

How much you should feed your Border Collie depends on several factors. It depends on the age of the dog, the activity level and the type of food you are feeding it.

Also don’t judge how much to feed your dog by his hunger level. It’s very rare that I see a dog refuse some good food. They are always hungry and will eat as much as you give them, provided the food smells good.

Feeding a Puppy

Puppies are just like young and growing kids. They need enough food to keep them active throughout the day and a little more for them to grow bigger and stronger.

For the most part I would suggest you feed the dog with whatever the food package recommends for the dogs weight. If you start seeing some extra fat piling on, then cut back just a bit. You don’t want your Border Collie to grow into a fat dog now, would you?

How often should I feed a Border Collie Puppy? Feed your puppy twice a day at the same time each day. Make a feeding schedule and stick to it. If your puppy starts chewing on your shoes don’t worry, he isn’t starving but teething.

Feeding an Adult Border Collie

Once the dog grows into an adult, feeding becomes a little easier. You don’t have to rely on the instructions of the food packages anymore, because you can simply monitor your dog’s weight. If your Border Collies starts to gain some extra weight, either cut back on the treats or put a little less food into the food bowl. If you think your dog is too skinny then add some more.

Taking the Border Collie for regular vet checkups can really help you because the first thing they do is weigh the dog. Your vet will be able to advice if the dog needs to lose a few pounds or if he is a good weight.

Don’t Trust The Package Recommendations

The recommendations on the back of the packages almost always overestimate the amount you should feed your dog. It’s no surprise either since the more food you feed your dog, the more food you end up buying.

Another problem with the labels is that they don’t know how active your dog really is. Your dog could be a running athlete that is active nearly all day and require much more food than suggested, or he could be a couch potato that would get fat if you followed those instructions.

So use the labels as a general guide, but don’t rely on them too heavily. Monitor the dog’s weight for a much more accurate estimate of how much you should feed a Border Collie.

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  1. Elisa says:

    But I am still not sure of what to feed, how many scoops of dog food do you put in.

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