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House Training a Border Collie

House Training a Border Collie

Training a Border Collie puppy to not pee or poop indoors should be done as soon as possible. That is if you don’t want a dog that has developed a habit to go potty in your living room.

You want to make it very clear to him that going to the bathroom is only allowed outside. Border Collies are really smart dogs and will learn it pretty quickly if you show them what’s right and what’s wrong using the appropriate methods.

It doesn’t matter if you’re trying to house train an adult Border Collie or a stubborn little puppy. The same methods work on both. The only difference is that older dogs that already have a habit of going potty wherever and whenever will take a little longer to house train.

For the most effective training methods and tips, check out the Border Collie Guide

Border Collie Housebreaking Tips

House TrainingEveryone knows the basic concept of house training your dog, but still a lot of people struggle. If you use the tips outlined below you will be surprised at how quickly and easily you can house train your puppy.

  • Take you’re your puppy out as often as possible – This is the most effective preventive way to keep him from peeing indoors. If he does his business outside, he won’t have the need to go potty indoors. Make sure you walk your dog 15-20 minutes after each meal and at least 4-6 times during the day.
  • Reward him for going potty outside – Border Collies love positive feedback. So give him the feedback that he is looking for. Praise him for going potty outdoors instead of peeing on your bed. It will get him excited about being a good boy and he will be much more likely to go potty outdoors again.
  • Always clean up the mess – I’m sure you don’t leave the pee or poop on the floor after your dog has done his business, but there is a chance you’re leaving some residue odor that your nose can’t pick up. Remember that dogs have a much stronger sense of smell and could smell where they gone potty indoors even if you don’t. The odor will tell them that the spot is where he has gone potty indoors and can go potty again. You can either make your own urine odor remover solution or buy one at a pet store.
  • Catch him in the act – Catching your Border Collie in the act is one of the best ways to teach him not to go potty inside. Don’t shout or yell at the dog because he doesn’t know any better. Instead you should pick him up and carry him out. Even if this means you will have a much larger area to clean up, you will be teaching your dog where he SHOULD be going potty which will save you from cleaning more pee and poo in the future.

For more specific steps on house training, obedience training and overall Border Collie breed training and care check out the Border Collie Owners Guide.

House-training with a Crate

A very popular training housebreaking method with dogs is crate training. The idea behind it is that the dog won’t want to soil the same area that he sleeps in. So he will be more inclined to wait until he goes on a walk.

This method seems to work for a lot of people, but in my opinion it’s not the ideal solution. It would mean you have to leave your dog sitting in a crate for most of the day with no freedom to run around and play.

My suggestion to you is to use the house-training tips I’ve outlined before and only use the crate from time to time when you have to. Don’t rely purely on crate training.

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3 Responses to “House Training a Border Collie”

  1. bulldog problems says:

    Although I fancy a different breed your article was helpful and I thank you. Cleaning up the mess when it happens is very important. You don’t want them getting use to the smell and feel of a dirty den. the quicker it’s cleaned up the more you’re dog desires to have it clean because they don’t use to it. I learned this the hard way. In past pups when I was unaware of the correct way to train this became a problem. by staying on top of accidents, it’s gotten much easier over time.

  2. Ana says:

    Good article, I’m excited to try these methods when our new puppy comes. I won’t be able to stand watching my dad potty train her with his ‘shove-its-nose-in-its-mess’ technique. -_-

  3. tamara says:

    We just got a border collie puppy-she turned 3months old last week. U r SO right! They are VERY smart BUT… they r also VERY stubborn! They also need LOTS of exercise! I have become the “alpha dog”. She listens to me so well! I crate trained her (a first for me but SO easy!) and i potty trained her in very little time which brings me to my point… Not if but WHEN your dog has potty accidents, Petsmart sells some stuff called Natures Miracle Stain & Odor Remover. Smells great & WORKS!!! if the dog DOES go potty in the crate (a. Take her outside EVERY hour) and B. Take EVERYTHING out of the crate, spray it dowm with the Natures Miracle. Wipe with paper towels then dry with paper towels (u can use dish towels or bath towels , I jusr hate doing laundry-u can even go 2 the .99 store & get napkins). This stuff is also non toxic, according to the petsmart saleswoman. ANYTHING with ENZYMES listed in the ingredients will work-check Walmart- i have some stuff from there too that works great-LOTS CHEAPER!!! Anyway, happy training!

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