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Do Border Collies Make Good Pets?

Do Border Collies Make Good Pets?

Border Collies are intelligent, kind, loving, energetic and amazing dogs, but this breed is certainly not for everyone. However for those people who have what it takes to own and care for a Border Collie will have a wonderful and loyal companion by their side.

If you give them exactly what they need, you will never have any problems with these dogs. However if you don’t know what you’re doing, don’t give them enough exercise, don’t stimulate their minds and don’t keep them busy – you will run into a lot of problems with this breed you will have a really tough time with them.

Here is a quick outline of the Border Collie dog breed which you can use to help you decide if purchasing or adopting one of these dogs would be a good idea for you and your family

Behavior and Temperament

Border Collie PetBorder Collies are rated as the smartest dog breed on the planet. They have incredible minds and can quickly learn new tricks no matter how complicated they are. Being the working dogs that they are, they actually crave the stimulation that they get from training.

You could even say that these dogs are too smart. Some owners have a hard time with Border Collies because of this reason alone. They just can’t keep the dog under control or don’t give him enough mental exercise, which is very important with this breed.

So although owning a smart dog can be a lot of fun, it is also something you need to know how to handle or else you will have manipulative and disobedient trouble maker on your hands.


Although these dogs are susceptible to certain health issues like hip dysplasia and epilepsy, they are generally healthy and happy dogs. Their average lifespan is anywhere from 10-14 years, but if you feed your dog high quality food and provide them with the exercise they need they can live much longer. A well balanced meal with all the needed vitamins will go a long way with this breed.

Grooming and Shedding

Just like any other dog, Border Collies shed. The only thing to note about this breed is that their hair is medium in length so the hairs are a lot more noticeable on your clothes and furniture. They general shed twice per year, but expect to see hair around the house all year round.

Good way to reduce shedding and keep the dogs coat glowing is to brush them down at least once per week. This will help get rid of any loose hair that’s hanging on and improve your dog’s coat.

Border Collies don’t need to be shampoo and washed that often. It’s actually better to not wash them unless it’s really necessary. However when you do decide to give your dog a bath, make sure you use pet safe products only. Human shampoos and soaps are not good for their coats. Learn  more about grooming and care.


Border Collies absolutely love to exercise and play. They are not looking for the mind numbing type of exercise though. They need activities that require them to use their minds as well. This is why playing fetch or Frisbee is so much fun for them.

If you plan to own a Border Collie then expect to be outdoors at least couple of hours a day with him. Otherwise they won’t leave you alone and will keep bugging you to take them out until you do, no matter how late it gets.

Do Border Collies Make Good Pets?

Well this question depends the person that wants one of these dogs as their pet. Are you looking for a really smart dog that will keep you on your toes? Do you want a dog that loves to exercise, play games and learn new things every day? If so then this breed is perfect for you.

If however you’re looking for a dog that will sit quietly all day and do nothing but watch TV with you, then maybe another dog breed is a better choice for you. You can learn more about raising, training and caring for a Border Collie by checking out this guide.


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2 Responses to “Do Border Collies Make Good Pets?”

  1. Elaine says:

    I work 3 hours in the mornings, 3 hours in the evening 5 days a week. I walk Murphy 3 times a day and often take him outside for a game with his ball but feel guilty that I am not home enough. Murphy was with a family that got another puppy and then lost interest in Murphy and he was confined to a bedroom 24/7. He seemed very depressed and loved being with me as I looked after him while the family were on holiday (they took the new foundland with them).
    When they returned from holiday, they paid no attention to Murphy nor him to them. He stayed by my side at all times and didn’t return to the bedroom they had kept him in. When I left, they told me to take Murphy with me as they no longer wanted him. I have never had a dog before and said no at first but they were quite insistant that I take him. I have had him for 4 months and he seems very happy and well behaved except he won’t always come back when I call him (though he never goes far from me) and he won’t leave people alone when they come to visit, he insists they stroke him all the time. Any advice for me?

    • danielle says:

      Wow! thats an amazing story, you truly rescued Murphy. I also have a border collie, his name is Alexander. I find the best exercise for him is taking him to the dog park. There he gets to run freely, socialize with other dogs and just have plain fun. He loves it so much that when he see’s the dog park he starts to cry because he can’t wait to go in.
      Thats my suggestion to you =]

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