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Border Collie Clicker Training

Border Collie Clicker Training

Have you ever seen a professional dog trainer use a clicker when training dogs? Ever wonder why they use it and how it works? Well in this article I'm going to talk about why these clickers are so common amongst professional dog trainers.

Why Clicker Training Works

Why would a Border Collie feel motivated to do something just because of a clicking sound? Seems kind of silly if you really think about it, doesn’t it? Well it's not really the click sound that the dog is motivated by.

When the trainers start clicker training their dogs, they also use treat rewards. So every time the dog does a trick correctly, they give it a treat and press the button on the clicker at the same time.

As they keep doing this, the Border Collie starts to associate the click with the treat. So with time those clicks for the dog become just as rewarding as the treats, even if there aren't any! And that good feeling continues to motivate the dog to keep learning and perform tricks, even if there if there is no edible rewards involved.

Benefits of Clicker Training Your Dog

Wondering if you should clicker train your Border Collie? Well there are some benefits of doing so, but those benefits are not for everyone. Clicker training a dog is usually only worth it if you plan to teach your dog a lot of tricks or spend a lot of time training. Otherwise using just some treats will do the job nicely.

The benefits of owning a Border Collie that is clicker trained is that you don't need treats to teach your dog a trick. This is especially helpful if your BC is already a little overweight and you are trying to cut on the diet.

It's also helpful if you spend a lot of your time outdoors with your dog. It can be messy or inconvenient to carry lots of treats on you at all times, but a clicker is so small that you can just add it to your keychain.

So in the end, clickers are very useful dog training tools but they are not necessary. If you're fine with giving your Border Collie a treat or two every now and again then you don't really have to bother with a clicker.

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