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Border Collie Food – Canned vs. Dry

Border Collie Food – Canned vs. Dry

The two most popular types of dog foods on the market are the dry kibble that most owners get for their Border Collies and the canned stuff which looks saucy and delicious for the dog to eat, but which is better?

When it comes to nutrition, 9 out of 10 times home cooked food with a multivitamin would be a much better choice. However if you must pick from the two then here is a list of benefits/disadvantages of each type.

Dry Kibble

Dry kibble is cheaper for the most part. However that is not the only benefit of feeding your dog dry Kibble.

Benefits of Kibble

  • Cheaper - Who doesn’t love to save some money? Of course it’s not always the case. Some dry kibble is actually more expensive than the canned food so it depends on the brand you purchase.
  • Better for teeth – Dogs are meant to chew their food. The sloppy canned food just doesn’t provide the same texture that the dogs need for healthy teeth.

Negatives of Kibble

  • Your dog might not like it – It’s dry, hard and doesn’t taste too good. Some Border Collies just don’t want to eat kibble. Of course others don’t mind the taste and like it just fine.
  • Contains a lot of fillers – To fill the bags and make them bigger while saving on costs, many manufacturers (but not all) add fillers to the food which provides no nutritional value to your dog.

Canned Food

Does the price really justify the benefits of feeding nothing but canned for to your Border Collie? Well…

Benefits of Canned Food

  • It tastes great – Your Collie will probably lick the bowl several times after finishing the food. The sauce of the canned food is something your Border Collie will enjoy.
  • Less filler – Not always true, but it’s harder to get away with adding fillers when you can clearly see each chunk of the food as soon as you open the can.

Negatives of Canned Food

  • Bad for the dogs teeth – Not necessary bad in itself, but like I previously said your dog needs something hard to chew on. You could give your dog some raw bones to make up for the lack of solids in this type of food.
  • Expensive – The price of few of those cans can quickly add up, especially if you’re feeding an adult Border Collie.

In Conclusion

The better choice option would of course be home cooked meals. That way your Border Collie gets exactly what you intend to feed him without any fillers, preservatives or additives.

Of course that isn’t an option for everyone so the next best thing is mix kibble with canned food. The hard kibble will benefit your dog’s teeth and jaws while the canned food will provide the taste that your dog craves. Just be careful with which two you mix. You don’t want to upset your dog’s stomach with a bad mix.

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2 Responses to “Border Collie Food – Canned vs. Dry”

  1. Joe says:

    Hi I would like to know some super good recipe for my border collie! I’m living in Singapore so the the climate here is quite hot and humid

  2. john says:

    i have a bc who is now 10 months old and i have had him since being 6 weeks old and all i feed him on is chappie and butchers dry meal, mixed.
    and he can out run a horse and has the agility the likes i have never seen before in any dog.
    his coat is dazzling and his teeth are lilly white with very clear brown eyes. his stools are normal and regular as i check them every day. his name is jack but everyone round about me call him (handsome jack) with very good reason. i only wish i new how to upload his photo on here.
    i feed him half a tin of chappie with the butcher dry meal at dinner time and the same again at 6 at night and he is thriving on it. im not saying all dogs will eat this some are fussy eater or are pammered to much, but believe me give it a try.
    john + handsome jack.

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