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Border Collie Care 101

Border Collie Care 101

The thought of having an intelligent and energetic dog as the Border Collie might seem very appealing, but you should know that these dogs require a lot or care and a lot of attention, so if you aren’t willing to be an active enthusiastic owner of a very energetic dog, you should think twice.

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Border Collies have beautiful long coats and are relatively very energetic dogs. So when it comes to diet, they need high quality and very nutritious food so stay healthy and happy.

Well Balanced Diet Will Include The Following:

  • Proteins From Meats
  • Moisture
  • Vitamins
  • Essential Oils
  • Vegetables

Avoid The Following:

  • Chemicals and Toxins
  • Unnecessary Fillers
  • Harmful Preservatives
  • Byproducts

Attention must be paid to both the quality and quantity of the food. An active dog like the Border Collie needs a lot of energy, as they tend to use and spend a lot of it, so nutrition is crucial.

Dried extruded food is usually of very low quality, but then again, it has some advantages: the nutritious are spread evenly throughout, but this is only if we are talking about the highest quality ones. Learn more about canned vs. dry food.

However, the best way to feed your Border Collie in order to keep his coat shiny and his muscles healthy is to provide natural food, and make the meals yourself. This way you will have complete control over what your dog eats and doesn’t eat.

Fresh and clean water is essential to the dogs well being. Change the water in the dogs water bowl at least once per day and periodically wash it out to get rid of lingering germs and bacteria.

Exercise is Important!

The Border Collie is a dog built for an active life. They are strong and full with energy that needs to be released. They need running, playing. Basically they need to live an active life in order to stay healthy. They love exercise and they will have fun with any outdoor activity you provide for them.

This is not a lazy indoor dog, so be prepared for a lot of running and playing if you want your pet to be happy and healthy.

Border Collies LOVE playing games and staying active!

One of the favorite games of the Border Collie breed is fetch.  They love chasing after a Frisbee, playing fetch with a ball and or playing with anything else that moves.

Playing games is also an awesome exercise for them that will force them to use both their muscles and natural prey instincts. It’s a lot of fun both for the owner and the dog.


Grooming is absolutely mandatory for Border Collies in order to keep the coat shiny and the skin healthy. Regular combing and brushing is a MUST! This breed is an average shedder, but being a two coated dog, when the soft undercoat is shedding, extra care is needed. Bathing or dry shampoo should be done only if necessary.

The dog’s ears and coat should regularly be checked for ticks. Keeping the skin healthy and the coat clean and shiny is very important for this breed, and grooming is a non-negotiable subject. You have to do it, and with a shiny and soft coat like theirs, you will enjoy it too.


If you want to learn how to cure even some of the worst Border Collie behavior problems and the exact things you need for a happy, healthy and obedient dog, check out the Border Collie Owners Guide.

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