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Border Collie Temperament

Border Collie temperaments are known to be very high energy. It is a very highly trainable dog that depends quite a bit on encouragement from the master. If you are looking for a dog that is low key and does not require a lot of attention border collie’s are not meant for you! Because of their high energy they are not the type of dogs that lay around the house all day. Their temperament is to be highly active in all that they do even with a small command as sit they are very excited to do it diligently. For example after the sit command they don’t usually just calm down, they sit their awaiting the next command. They require daily walks and play time to get rid of all that energy. A large space for them to run around and play is encouraged. If space is not available be sure to take them to the local dog park or open area so they have room to run around and get rid of excess energy.
Because of Border Collie’s temperament the lack of mental stimulation will create bad habits such as biting and chewing on objects they are not allowed on. Border Collies were originally bred to herd sheep so naturally they are meant to work! Border Collie dogs are very difficult to tire out because of their incredible endurance. I regularly take my border collie on a bike ride in excess of 10 miles at a 5-6 minute mile pace and it easily keep up. This should give you an idea what these dogs are capable of!
If you live in an apartment because of the Border Collie’s temperament these are not the ideal places for it to live. They need a good sized backyard for them to play and be active in. I cannot stress enough how much energy these dogs have so do not get one if you are not willing to put the work behind taking care of one. It’s going to be a disaster for you and the dog.
Border Collie’s temperament also greatly depends on how bored they get. If you are at work all day and its cooped up with nothing to do its only a matter of time before it starts acting up. Always be sure to leave it a toy to keep it company or something to do. They need to constantly be doing something so try to be creative with things. You can constantly be teaching border collie’s new tricks and commands.

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