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Border Collie Breed

Border collies are widely considered to be one of the most intelligent dog breed out there. They learn new things quickly and can make great pets for owners who know how to handle such a dog. And at the same time, if you don’t know what you’re doing or aren’t careful they can be real challenge.

They are certainly not for everyone, but if you think you are ready for a border collie and are able keep up with their needs then you are bound to have a loyal and intelligent companion.

Breed Temperament and Personality

This particular breed requires a lot of both mental and physical stimulation. Collies that are denied the stimulation that they need quickly get bored and are forced to look for alternative ways to entertain themselves.

These ways can include chewing of clothes, furniture and other destructive behavior.

These dogs love to stay busy at all times. They certainly are not dogs that enjoy sitting home all day awaiting their owners, they need something to keep them busy or you will have a huge mess to come home to.

Training Border Collies

As previously said, border collies are highly intelligent. They are capable of learning elaborate tricks with the right approach, which makes them very popular amongst dog trainers.

The border collie breed needs mental and physical stimulation and a collie that isn’t properly trained is bound to pick up some nasty habits – like destructive chewing.


Border Collies were bred to run through large open fields and have plenty of energy to stay active for prolonged periods of time.

Although they were originally considered to be just “sheepdogs”, they are much more than that now. Dog lovers all over the world have embraced the Border Collie breed and invited them into their homes, however the need for vigorous activity is still rooted deep within them.

Border collies are certainly not apartment dogs, they need large back yards and lots of space to run around and play. The exercise for them is important for both their health and happiness.

So if you own a border collie be sure to give your dog lots of time to run around and use his or her energy.


Border collies are generally easy to groom. They do not require a lot of frequent baths, but do need weekly brushing to get rid of any extra fur that’s stuck to their coats.

As any other breed, border collie do shed and because of their longer hair the hair is a lot more noticeable.


For the most part, these dogs tend to stay healthy and live to an old age as long as their needs are met. Good diet and enough physical activity is a must for a border collie.

Border collies can live anywhere from 10 to 17 years of age, usually 13-14 years of age.


Border collies can be great family pets, but you have to be on your toes with these dogs. Their high intelligence can really work against a dog owner who is unfamiliar with dog training.

Border collies are quick to learn how to open doors and cupboards and how to get into places which are off limits to them so knowing how to train them is vital for every owner.

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