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Solve Border Collie Barking

Solve Border Collie Barking

If you are tired of hearing your neighbors complaining about your Border Collie’s constant barking then this article is perfect for you. No one likes a dog that is always barking. It’s loud, annoying and quickly can get on your nerves. And if the barking doesn’t bother you, then I’m sure your neighbor’s disproving comments will.

Now it’s important to understand why your Collie is barking in the first place. Since your dog can’t speak to you in English, the next best thing for him is to alert you through barking. So many times the dog isn’t just barking for the fun of it, but to alert you of the stranger across the street, the mailman delivering your mail or anything else he might think is worthy of your attention.

Then there are the Border Collie barkers that do it just for the sport. They have nothing important to show/tell their owners. They just want to let out couple of barks out of boredom, to relieve some stress or just to annoy your neighbors.

So first figure out which type of barker is your Border Collie and then start to address the problem. Don’t try to completely eliminate all kinds of barking, but instead try to keep it under control. Your dog still needs a way to communicate with you.

Why Your Collie Barks and How to Stop it

Here are some common scenarios that Border Collie owners might face with a barking dog. If you think the problem describes your situation then just apply the solution to help you solve the barking problems.

Border Collie That Barks when Left Home Alone

  • Problem – This one is usually harder to spot and your neighbors will be the first ones to know about your dogs barking habit. If you’re getting complaints from them about your Border Collie barking while you’re at work/not home then your Collie is probably barking out of boredom.
  • Solution – Find a way to entertain your Border Collie to stop the barking. Try giving your dog some new chew toys or even a bone which should keep them busy. Giving your Collie some exercise before you leave can also help, a tired Collie is a quiet Collie. If all of that doesn’t work try leaving the radio or the TV playing while you’re gone. Hearing voices can often really calm the dog.

Border Collie Always Barks at Neighbors

  • Problem – Whenever your Collies sees your neighbors leave or enter their home, she starts barking nonstop. Not only can this type of barking can be embarrassing but it can also cause some tension between you and people living right next to you. Your Collie thinks she is doing a good job keeping them away and/or warning you about them.
  • Solution – Since your Collie thinks the people are strangers and can’t be trusted, you have to introduce them. Talk to your neighbors about meeting your dog to help you solve this problem. They are probably as annoyed as you are, if not more so, with your dogs barking every time she sees them. Once the Collie gets to know the neighbors, she will feel a lot less inclined to bark at them.

Barking Collie When Left In the Yard Alone

  • Problem – Whenever you leave your Collie out in the yard alone, she just starts barking until you come back out. She’s not barking at anyone in particular but just being vocal when left alone.
  • Solution – Your Collie is probably feeling lonely and wants your attention. To stop her from barking while you’re gone, give her some toys or chewable to play with. Leave her only for short periods of time at first. That way she will be more used to spending time outside alone without you.

Collie that Always barks at the Mailman

  • Problem – While the rest of us have to check mail, time the mailman or look out the window to see if there is any new mail, you have a barking alarm to tell you exactly when the mailman stopped by your house. As soon as he arrives, your Border Collie starts howling and barking to alert you of the stranger on your property.
  • Solution – To your Collie, the mailman is a complete stranger and everybody knows that you can’t trust strangers. Well to change that, make it known to your dog that the mailman is not a threat that she needs to worry about. Go out and shake your mailman’s hand, make sure your dog sees it, if you’re Collie starts barking. This will show her that you are aware of the mailman and are on friendly terms with him.

Barking Border Collie Puppy

  • Problem – Your new Collie puppy suddenly became very vocal, barking at anything in sight. He barks at his toys, you, the furniture, your socks, the TV and so on. What looked kind of cute at first, has become really annoying now.
  • Solution – A lot of young puppies love to bark and growl when playing. It’s nothing to worry about and most dogs outgrow it as they get older. However you still should try to keep the barking under control. Since this type of barking is usually them just playing around, find other games that they might enjoy which don’t involve any growling or barking.

If you want to learn how to cure even some of the worst Border Collie behavior problems and the exact things you need for a happy, healthy and obedient dog, check out the Border Collie Owners Guide.


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4 Responses to “Solve Border Collie Barking”

  1. Sherry says:

    Now that my collie is able to breed can he become aggressive?

  2. Juan Ramirez says:

    Hi, I have an 8 month old border collie, its been just what I espectedbe as a puppy, very active, destructive when left alone but quite. Recently my neighbors bought a huskey (5months old). Since then my dog behavior changed, every time my neigbors take the huskey to play my dog start barking, nonstop until I go out to put him away from the fence. The thing is while the huskey es alone in his yard my dog is quite, but when my neighbor approach to him to play or to walk him my dog barks like cracy.
    Any help you can give on this?

    Thank you

    • Pat says:

      Have exactly the same problem as Juan. Mine goes crazy barking and running along the fence only stopping to do some frustration digging.

  3. Ricardo Szwarcer says:

    Hi! I would highly appreciate advise about my neighbor’s border collie barking during the night. We live in the countryside in Argentina since 9 months, and never happened before. First there was a horse coming into the premises, and that meant almost 10 nights of madly barking…We dealt with the horse problem, but the Border Collie -5 years old, untrained- now begun to bark during the nights with no apparent reason. We consulted a local vet, we spoke with our neighbors, but we have no result so far, and tiredness during the day…

    Thanks for your help!


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